In most professional sports, the bottom line is usually money. Highlands had, for several seasons, enjoyed the fruits of a succesful sponsorship with Beechies before entering into a sponsorship with Dions.

This sponsorship changed the club forever - the club having to abandon its traditional colours and adopt those of Dions - namely orange. Furthermore, the club now officialy bore the name "Dions Highlands F.C" This letter written by Rex Evans to the Editor of the Rand Daily Mail, clearly states that "The name of this club was officially changed from Highlands Park FC Limited to Dion FC Limited on February 26 1980." (Although strangely enough the letterhead still reflects the name of Highlands FC.)(Many thanks to Julian Turner for this vary rare artefact)

When the club was unable to renew the lease of the Balfour Park Stadium, the writing was on the wall. The club was having to seek a new home to play its football - and along with the traditional colours, the original name and the stadium, so too did the club lose its traditional fan base.

In 1982, Highlands Park Football Club was sold to Jomo Sono for a sum of R80,000. Two years later, the clubs name was changed to Jomo Midas Cosmos and no traces were left of Highlands Park F.C - although the name continued to exist in the junior amateur leagues. The decision to sell the club to Jomo Sono both perplexed and angered many of the clubs former players. Whilst everyone admits that the financial outlook was bleak, many felt that alternative solutions could have been found. .

On 1 September 1991, Sy Lerman ran a story about the rebirth of the club ( Click here to read the article).
Blackpool, then an N.P.S.L first division team, bought the Highlands Park franchise and changed its name to Highlands Park. Phillip Ephron and Brian Pincus initiated the move in the hope of incorporating Balfour Park Juniors with the newly formed Highlands Park F.C.

There was a glimmer of hope that the club could re-establish itself in South African football, and that the Junior side would produce talented youngsters to feed the senior side,but a season later the team was relegated to the second division.

The sponsors, Sharp Electronics, withdrew sponsorship and the club's franchise was once again sold - this time to Welkom Eagles F.C.

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